A little of the theory
behind GO Team®

GO Team was designed and developed by learning experts with nearly a half century of experience in organizational learning for some of the most influential organizations in the world. Every module is grounded in theories about how adults learn.

Theorist David Kolb proposes the Kolb Learning Cycle, which is a great way to think about the structure of the modules in GO Team.* Each module leads learners through this cycle of experience, reflection, conceptualization, and experimentation… which then poises them for a whole new experience once they re-enter their real world of work.

* In fact, this model is the basis of GO Team module 18, “Leveraging Team Learning.” In that module, each team member will identify their “preferred” style within the Kolb model, and then engineer future learning opportunities that speak to all of their styles!


Furthermore, GO Team is grounded in adult learning theory which shows that adults:

  • Learn best when they are involved in diagnosing, planning, implementing and evaluating their own progress.
  • Need to be self-directing in their learning.
  • Will have greater readiness for learning when they have a specific need to know.
  • Tap into life’s reservoir of experience as a primary learning resource; the life experiences of others enrich the learning process.
  • Have an inherent need for immediacy of application.