Ready to GO?


Whether your are an experience facilitator, or a leader seeking learning resources for your team, it’s easy to get started with GO Team.


Experienced trainers or HR professionals with experience working with intact teams

You are ready to use GO Team!  With the Facilitator Kit and the Fast Start podcast series, you will be all set to use the materials with teams now!  Contact Susan to order your kit.


Managers with little or no experience facilitating groups

If you would like managers or others in your organization to be GO Team Facilitators, we offer a custom train-the-trainer certification program.  The program will include the GO Team modules of your choice (up to all 18). In these sessions, learners will experience the modules, explore options for delivering the modules, and prepare themselves for potential challenges that may emerge during delivery.

Each person being certified will receive binders with a set of the facilitator guides and participant guides for each of the included modules.  The Facilitator Playbook and the Fast Start podcast series will also be included.

Another simpler option would be to partner with any HR professional or experienced trainer who can support you in the basics of planning and facilitating a team learning session.