With a library of 18 modules,
YOU build your own learning agenda!

GO Team® is a library of 18 team-focused topics (or modules), divided into three levels.

The power of GO Team is that it allows you to build a learning agenda tailored to your team’s needs. It’s not necessary to complete the levels in sequence. You may choose topics from any of the levels, all dictated by the needs of your team.

To learn more about the modules in each of the three levels, click on the menus to the left!

These are the fundamentals of teamwork. But don’t assume these are for “beginner” teams! Many experienced teams find that they have never worked through these important team building blocks. (“Oh, so maybe that’s why we’ve been struggling…!”)

Some issues just seem to pop up every day in the work with the team. These are the core topics that come with the territory.

Ready for high performance? These topics aren’t only for mature teams; they’re for any team that wishes to unleash the “group genius” that is a unique product of teams.