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Looking for more information and ideas for using GO Team®? You are free to download any of the PDF documents below, and share them freely with others in your organization or network!

Types in GO Team

Five Dysfunctions


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Building Your Learning Agenda

Not sure which GO Team modules to bring to your team first? This popular reference offers suggestions for combining different modules to address the most common challenges your teams face.

From "5 Dysfunctions"... to 18 Ways of Functioning

Is your organization using Patrick Lenceoni’s popular “Five Dysfunctions of a Team” to diagnose team health? GO Team modules align perfectly with Lenceoni’s diagnostic. Here are some ideas for connecting GO Team to your team’s toughest challenges.

Learning Approaches Used in GO Team

Part of the appeal of GO Team is that it employs many learning approaches. Sure, we’ve got case studies and assessments… but that’s just the beginning! This grid offers you a quick overview of the “mashup” of approaches used in the 18 modules.

Types in GO Team

Are you a “type” practitioner? Many of GO Team’s modules enhance the team’s awareness of its own types through multiple lenses. Explore some of the type-based models employed across the GO Team library.

GO Team Menu

Take a closer look at the 18 modules that comprise the GO Team library of learning!

Welcome to GO Team! ("One pager")

This colorful, single-page introduction is a great way to introduce the concept of GO Team to others in your network or organization.

It's Time to GO Team!

We have distributed countless copies of our introductory book, It’s Time to GO Team. It contains a detailed overview of the product, and provides ideas for its many applications. (It contains much of the same content as this website.) Now you can download your own copy of the intro book! Then, don’t be shy… share it with everyone you know!

GO Team for Leaders

Introducing GO Team for Leaders! This offering consists of seven modules that are consistent with the core content of GO Team… only positioned with reflective questions, discussions, and actions that enable leaders like you to better lead your teams.

Four Team Stages... Endless Opportunities for Learning

Tuckman’s “four stages of teams” is one of the classic models for understanding team functioning. You know the one: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing are all predictable phases. And each can be addressed with GO Team. Find out more here.